We have a number of different ways in which you can transfer currency abroad or back to the Canada. Your account manager can explain these in more detail and help you decide which option is right for you.


Choose the rate at which you’d prefer to exchange. We’ll keep a 24-hour watch on the market. If the rate becomes available, we’ll automatically purchase the currency for you.


Need to make overseas mortgage repayments, pay utility bills or school fees, transfer your pension or send money to the Canada on a frequent basis? Bank charges add up, so save yourself money - and enjoy competitive rates. We’ll make sure your money always gets to the right place at the right time, free of charge.


Currencies are exchanged on the spot, with the best exchange rate at the time.



Whatever the reason you need to send or receive money abroad, we can help you efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

Our Exchange Rate Guarantee makes your money go further. There’s no commission to pay, and no sending and receiving fees either. We only charge a small transaction fee for amounts under $4,000, which is waived if using our in person payments service.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people use us time and time again – but if you have a specific need, do get in touch.


Whether buying a holiday or retirement home abroad, you face a significant financial commitment. Making international payment through a high street bank could significantly increase the amount of your payment and incur additional transfer fees.

Our Exchange Rate Guarantee makes your money go further. There’s no commission to pay, and no sending and receiving fees either.

And if you have regular utility and maintenance bills, or rental payments, our Regular Payments service is ideal.


Who doesn’t dream of emigrating to Canada? Or maybe a career change is taking you to the United States, or you need to repatriate to your home country?

If you need to convert all your cash, our Guaranteed Exchange Rate gets you much more for your money. AdvancedFX currency exchange rates are highly competitive, saving you as much as 10  % on money transfers compared to banks or money-sendings. There’s no commission to pay, and no sending and receiving fees either.

Our system is faster too, as a bank can take as long as 4 -12 days. In fact, you can start sending money the day you register with us.


Although the price of a foreign car or yacht may seem far more attractive than the CAD equivalent, you could end up losing out by paying for it through a high street bank.

Importing luxury goods and high value assets can be made all the more affordable with our highly competitive exchange rates. After all, a 1% rate improvement on $100,000 means another $1,000 for you. Our Guaranteed Exchange Rate gives you confidence in securing the very best deal.

The AdvancedFX international money transfer service is fast and easy to use over the phone or online. Simply register to make payments in hundreds of currencies to a specified bank account by credit/debit card or bank transfer.


With the high cost of higher education in the Canada, as popular destinations. And yet, the Canadian universities are seen as leading academic institutions by other countries, with record numbers of Chinese students coming over.

At AdvancedFX, we can help you pay for university fees and school tuition in a foreign currency - quickly, safely and with very competitive exchange rates.


If you decide to retire abroad, you can still receive the your State Pension. However, getting it transferred into a foreign bank account could mean conversion charges eating into your funds. Avoid bank fees altogether and make the most of your hard-earned pension with our services.

If currently working overseas, you can continue to pay into your pension scheme. The AdvancedFX Regular Payments service will make sure all transfers are made securely and efficiently - without the hassle of bank forms or paying sending and receiving charges.


The fees charged by banks or your mortgage lender to make repayments on a property abroad can really add up over time. As a specialist currency provider, AdvancedFX offers the best possible rate.

Our Regular Payments service is ideal for saving transfer fees and bank commission fees. We’ll make sure the repayments are made exactly when they’re due, giving you one less thing to think about.


Having a rental income from a property overseas certainly helps to cover mortgage and maintenance costs. However, the exchange rates offered by banks, together with their commission and transfer fees, can soon chip away at your revenue stream.

One of the cheapest and most hassle-free ways to have money sent from overseas is through AdvancedFX. Our Exchange Rate Guarantee provides the best possible foreign currency exchange rate on the market.