We can help for Major or small international business transactions efficiently.

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Making or receiving an international payment? Our customers can save thousands of Dollars by using our service rather than a bank’s. AdvancedFX is the easy way for businesses to transfer foreign currency online 24/7 and private customers to manage payments overseas, such as for a second home or education fees.


Same Day Payments

Same day payments for all major currencies to anywhere in the world – AdvancedFX gets your money where you need it and when you need it.

No Commision or Hidden Cost

Unlike banks, we don’t charge transfer fees to send or receive money – making every dollar stretch even further. We don’t charge any commission and there are no fees for amounts over $1k.

Personal Payments

Do you send or receive payments in a foreign currency – to buy a home abroad, make mortgage payments or because you’ve emigrated? We guarantee a much better exchange rate than bank ‘tourist’ rates.

Business Solutions

Do you import or export, need to pay suppliers or salaries overseas, or have offices internationally? Buy currency at the right time and right price.

Currency Exchange

Best currency quotes from Tier 1.


Quickly get your customers set up to start making cost-effective global transfers. Support is available.


Give your customers easy access to money transfers. Take the stress out of moving money around the world with an experienced partner.

Trusted and Secure

FINTRAC authorised currency suppliers. Safe, secure and curated marketplace.

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